August 16, 2016

Interview: Sudden Strike 4 (2017)

You already know that Indie Games Plague is all about free indie games. And in case of doubt you can always check the top right of the frontpage.
I published 122 entries so far. That's 122 great games you can play without spending a dime. Although nowadays it's quite easy to send some support to your favourite developers, even if they're offering their work for free.

But in the end it's just about having fun. And so I think that any commercial game that's fun, honest, and made by indie developers could also be featured in this place.

I've been thinking about featuring commercial games like Escape Goat 2 by MagicalTimeBean, his next game (when it gets realeased), Soulcaster-not-the-third, or Cloaks and Spells by @IanSeanDesign (Sadly it seems to be in a hiatus). But I never made the move. I guess finding spare time it's been also an issue. My last entry was made seven months ago. Yes, I am very embarrased by this!

Then news about the return of the Sudden Strike franchise arrived the other day. I won't waste your time praising this great WWII RTS series, I'm sure you remember it. And if you never heard of it, you can start by checking out it's MobyGames entry here.

Sudden Strike 4 (Now in glorious 3D. Sudden Strike 3 never happened) it's being developed by Kite Games and it will be published in 2017 by Kalypso Media.

This announcement is what finally made my think "Oh c'mon, let's do it already!". So I wrote some questions about the game and I sent them to Kite Games. They quickly put them on the right track, and Kalypso Media happily emailed me back with the answers!

Ok, I know I'm probably not the best interviewer out there, but you will find some new pieces of info that will definitely interest you if you're a fan of the series!

Click on "Read more" below to read the full interview.

January 18, 2016

The Blue Beanie (2008)

And of all the colours rare
Blue has the most to beware
For hanging out the laundry fair
The Bowerbird would find it there

January 14, 2016

Man Enough (2010)

Prepare for four games
at the same time
Nothing for the lames
This song got shitty rhymes

Use your arrow keys to walk
Use the spacebar to fire and talk
Use the arrow keys to fly
If you lose all lives
it's true that you die

January 12, 2016

Cross Stitch Casper (2013)

As player you control Little Casper. But you’re not him. You’re just observing the world he’s living in and the struggles he has to endure.
How will he manage to get through his daily live’s struggles? Will he at all?
The only person sympathizing with him seems to be his grandmother. Then again, how much can an old woman do? 

January 11, 2016

Automation (2006)

Winner of the first OROW competition, this game was created in 1 week and is set in 1 room. A scientist looses his robot down a hole in the floor and must get it back using the environment around him.