June 30, 2013

Dungeoneers (2013)

Classic Republican Turn-based Dungeon Crawler. Enter the Dungeon. Slay the Dragon. Save the Village.

PLAY ONLINE — http://www.dungeoneers.com/

We Want You (2011)

We Want YOU (aka. WWY) is a satirical war-game played in a two-dimensional, procedurally-generated world that is created as you move through it.


DOWNLOAD — http://www.quicksandgames.com/?dl=wwy

June 29, 2013

a Fistful of Gun (2013)

A top-down, 3 player, western shooter, currently in playable alpha. The 3 characters were specifically built with a certain input device in mind so that 3 players could play simultaneously without sharing devices.


DOWNLOAD — http://rambros.s3.amazonaws.com/fistfulalpha.zip

June 18, 2013

Questopia (2013)

Questopia is a dungeon-driven third-person pixel fantasy action/shooter where you have to beat ancient evil with sword and magic. What secrets are hidden in the tombs and what will you find? 

June 17, 2013

Mushroom Cloud (2013)

In this game you have to blow up different worlds. You have in the arsenal of more than thirty different bombs. Small bomb, big bombs, incendiary bombs, explosive bombs. Explode landscapes and enjoy the beautiful effects.