August 16, 2016

Interview: Sudden Strike 4 (2017)

You already know that Indie Games Plague is all about free indie games. And in case of doubt you can always check the top right of the frontpage.
I published 122 entries so far. That's 122 great games you can play without spending a dime. Although nowadays it's quite easy to send some support to your favourite developers, even if they're offering their work for free.

But in the end it's just about having fun. And so I think that any commercial game that's fun, honest, and made by indie developers could also be featured in this place.

I've been thinking about featuring commercial games like Escape Goat 2 by MagicalTimeBean, his next game (when it gets realeased), Soulcaster-not-the-third, or Cloaks and Spells by @IanSeanDesign (Sadly it seems to be in a hiatus). But I never made the move. I guess finding spare time it's been also an issue. My last entry was made seven months ago. Yes, I am very embarrased by this!

Then news about the return of the Sudden Strike franchise arrived the other day. I won't waste your time praising this great WWII RTS series, I'm sure you remember it. And if you never heard of it, you can start by checking out it's MobyGames entry here.

Sudden Strike 4 (Now in glorious 3D. Sudden Strike 3 never happened) it's being developed by Kite Games and it will be published in 2017 by Kalypso Media.

This announcement is what finally made my think "Oh c'mon, let's do it already!". So I wrote some questions about the game and I sent them to Kite Games. They quickly put them on the right track, and Kalypso Media happily emailed me back with the answers!

Ok, I know I'm probably not the best interviewer out there, but you will find some new pieces of info that will definitely interest you if you're a fan of the series!

Click on "Read more" below to read the full interview.

This is your first game as Kite Games, but can you tell us a bit about your background and where you're coming from?

Kite Games is located in Budapest, Hungary. The team consists of 23 employees working on Sudden Strike 4 itself, almost all of whom were part of the now-closed Stormregion Studios, makers of Codename Panzers and Joint Task Force. In addition, the team was once part of the Crytek family as Crytek Budapest, where they worked on parts of the Crysis series and Ryse: Son of Rome.

How did you get assigned the task of making this new Sudden Strike game?

After an extensive pitching process involving several RTS development studios, Kalypso decided to develop Sudden Strike 4 together with Kite Games. As Simon Hellwig, Global Director of Kalypso Media puts it: “The team at Kite Games consists of many talented individuals with an outstanding pedigree with World War II RTS titles, and the commitment and passion they are pouring into Sudden Strike 4 confirms that Kite Games is the perfect partner to bring this revered series back to the forefront of the RTS community.“

Were you in contact with the old developer, Fireglow Games?

No. During development, there was no contact with Fireglow Games.

The Sudden Strike series had a long list of mods and different versions. Which are your favourites?

The developers at Kite Games are big fans of the original Sudden Strike 2. And in terms of mods, they really like the ‘Hidden Stroke’ mods/conversions, such as ‘Hidden Stroke 2 Fusion’.

Will you add mod support for Sudden Strike 4? How will it work?

Yes. We are planning modding support, but only for Windows PC. Players will be able to create their own maps and scenarios, and share them through Valve’s Steam Workshop service. The details of the modding tools (including what, how, and to what extent) will be determined in the coming months of development.

On what platforms are you going to release the game?

PC, MAC, LINUX and PlayStation 4

Can we expect open beta tests?

There will be game tests for sure, but exactly what those will look like, how they’ll work and who will be able to participate is uncertain at this stage. We’ll have to wait and see, but this will be at a later stage of the development process, closer to release.

What languages will you support?

At the moment, we are planning to support English, Spanish, French, Italian, German, Russian localization. The English, German and Russian versions will also have voiceover, at the very least.

Another feature of Sudden Strike 4 is that players will be able to decide whether they want each unit to speak their native language, or the language the player is playing the game in. For example, a player may own the game in English but can choose to have all Russian troops answer in Russian, both on their team and the enemy team. Or they can choose to have both their own troops and the enemy reply solely in English.

Are you planning to releasing more content via expansions, DLCs or patches?

We’re not at that stage yet. The first thing we are focusing on is releasing the game – we need to concentrate development resources on creating the best RTS possible, with a team currently consisting of 23 employees. One thing is for sure: we are aiming to bring back the series as a whole, not just for one new game. So we are in it for the long run.

Would you like to cover other conflicts besides WWII? Sudden Strike Korea doesn't sound bad, right? Maybe even Sudden Strike 1!

That sounds awesome. But currently we are focusing on developing and creating this awesome game, so that we can revive the Sudden Strike series in a big way, with Sudden Strike 4 as a fully-fledged and completely new entry in the series. So let’s get this done and ready and after that, we will see what the future brings, both for us and for Sudden Strike!

You can pre-purchase Sudden Strike 4 on Steam to get a 15% discount plus an exclusive skirmish map (The Battle for Kursk), the digital soundtrack and the digital artbook:

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